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Published 1st July 2014, 1:0pm

  1. Talk about Expectations: Discuss the idea of summer camp with your child. Ask for their opinion on what they’d like to do—it will help your search! At the same time, still try to find a balance with what you yourself believe your child will benefit from.

  3. Choose with Friends or without: Consider that it may help to have friends with children in the same camp in terms of carpooling etc. However, if one of your goals for camp is for your child to meet new people and build their social strengths, perhaps looking outside of the regular crowd would be beneficial!

  5. Consider the camp’s focus: General camps offer a wide variety of activities from games to sports to arts & crafts, so that kids experience new interests. But if your child wants to focus on certain skill-building and meet likeminded people, consider a specialty camp.

  7. Do research: Check the reviews, consider the prices. Once you have a few choices, call and ask questions: “Who are your staff?”, “How old are the counselors?”, “What are your medical and safety procedures?”.

  9. Meet the camp family: Get to know the people who run the show! Introduce yourself and your child on day one. It will let them know that you’re committed to the camp and in turn they will be committed to your child’s happiness.

No matter what type of camp you choose, your child will most likely have a good time! They should also walk away from the experience having learned something new, increased confidence, and even improved social skills. Camps that are purely for fun should still help build character and peer relationships.