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NOTE: FRC is currently in the process of updating this handbook. (2013)

The goal of the Cayman Islands Community Resource Handbook project was to assemble a comprehensive listing of the various services and programmes available in the community in order that front line persons working with the public could best serve their clients, customers and the general public.

Persons working in the helping professions (i.e. counsellors, social workers, community workers, police officers, health care workers, clergy, etc.) within public and private sector organizations and the general public are the audiences specifically being targeted to utilize the Cayman Islands Community Resource Handbook.

We recognize that there are numerous agencies not listed in the Cayman Islands Community Resource Handbook whose information would be beneficial to the public; however our attempts to secure information from all of the agencies contacted was unsuccessful. We anticipate that more organizations will engage in the act of information sharing in the next edition.

The text in the handbook is based on original information gathered from July 2003 to June 2004, and every effort has been made to update the information that changed as a result of Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information within this handbook is accurate. However, we realize that due to the volume of information, there is the possibility for inadvertent mistakes, and we do apologize if this occurs.

It is our hope that this first edition of the Cayman Islands Community Resource Handbook will be extremely beneficial to our community, and it will assist those on the front lines in helping professions to better serve the needs of their clients and customers, as well as serve as a valuable information tool for the general public.

Last Updated: 2013-04-16

Community Resource Handbook Agency List
List of relevant agencies able to assit individuals in the community.