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Perceived right to privilege and gratification and to domestic, sexual and emotional services. Rewards expected for bearing the assumed responsibilities of protection, provision and the maintenance of 'order.'

Perceived right to 'respect', deference, domination and authority within the family. Assumed licence and duty to control.

Perceived right to chastise for 'wrong-doing.' Assumed responsibility for the status, attitude, appearance and behaviour of family members, which reflects on his reputation.

Strong imperative of self-control and fear of vulnerability. "No problem here." Real or perceived threat to self-esteem or self-image, loss of face, failure, insecurity, exposure of dependency, powerlessness, embarrassment etc.

Possessiveness jealousy and fear of separation.

"She belongs to me!" or "I can't live without her."

Source: Caribbean Training Manual on Domestic Violence Intervention: Training Programme for Police Officers and other Front Line Professionals

Last Updated: 2005-03-07