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Women’s Resource Centre Complaints Form

1.  A complaint can be received from any member of the public. Once a WRC employee recognizes that a member of the public is not satisfied, they will inform her or him of the internal complaints procedure. 

2.  The person is initially asked to complete the WRC’s Complaints Form and return it to the office. If it is not possible for complainant to complete the WRC’s Complaints Form or if the complaint is received via the telephone, then the staff member will write the complainant’s details on the form and submit to Director. There is also a section for the staff member to note any observations and additional information about the complaint and complainant on the form. 

3.  Once the WRC Complaints Form is received by staff member, it is numbered and stamped with a date and forwarded to the Director. If the WRC Complaints Form was completed in person at the office, then the complainant would receive a photocopy of the stamped form with their complaint number.  If a complaint form is received via any other method, then a copy of the stamped complaint form with complaint number along with a written notification of receipt is sent to one of the complainant’s contact details.

4.  All WRC Complaints Forms are forwarded to the WRC Director by the close of business on the date that the Complaint Form was completed and/or received.

5.  All complainants will be notified that a written response from the Director of the WRC addressing the complaint will be sent within 10 working days. The written correspondence will include remedies and/or apologies where appropriate.  

6.  Should the complainant not be satisfied with the response from the Director, then the complainant would be advised that they could report their complaint to the Office of the Complaints Commissioner.  Additionally, they would be informed that the matter will be brought to the attention of the Chief Officer for Ministry of Health and Human Services. 

7.  All Complaint Forms that are received, along with the outcomes, will be reviewed and discussed in a strictly confidential manner at monthly staff meetings as an effort to improve service delivery.

Last Updated: 2008-09-08